Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Love Lip Color? All you need is Lip Liner.

I'm a little obsessed with lip color... in all kinds of shades, finishes, and wears.  If you have a similar addiction, you could go broke buying balms, glosses, lipsticks, lip glazes, stains, lip liners, etc.  For a much more economical way to experiment with all those fun colors, all you need is these three items to get the different finishes created by the products mentioned above:
  • lip liner in color of choice
  • clear lip balm
  • clear lip gloss
Here are instructions and pictures to show you how:

(please excuse the not-so-awesome picture quality - these were all taken on my phone)

Creating a sheer wash of color:
First, start with a good hydrating balm.  My favorite is the Italian Red Mandarin with Rose from Pangea Organics.  Spread a light layer all over lips.
 Then, using short strokes, apply lip liner starting at the center and inner part of the lips working your way out.  For this look, you don't need a sharp or bright line at the edges, so keep the majority of color to the center of lips.  (I'm using MAC's Entertain Me Lip Liner)
 And finish by patting and smoothing color with a finger tip.  This is a perfect sheer wash for casual outings or to wear during the day.

For a medium-pigmented look:
Over lip balm, sweep lip liner in longer strokes to cover the entire lip.
 Don't get too far out on the edges, as this will cause the color to bleed with this particular type of application.
With a creamy finish. You can add more balm over the top if you'd like to add more sheen or soften the color.
 Here it is with a glossy finish.  Just apply a layer of clear gloss over top and use your fingertip to smooth away any color variations.  (I used Victoria's Secret Beauty Rush Lip Gloss in Sugar High)

For a highly-pigmented look:
On a soft, dry lip, apply an even coating of liner all over the lip.  Create a strong lip line by fully covering all edges.  Leave it as is for a matte lip.  (I used ModelCo's Lip Liner in Berry)
 Add a little balm for a creamier look.  Start in the center of the lip and gently pat balm outwards.  It's important to use a patting motion instead of a dragging one, to ensure that the color stays evenly distributed.
 For a glossy look, apply clear gloss over the entire lip.  Using a brush or diagonal applicator, very lightly sweep an even layer of gloss over lips.  Pat away any color variations if necessary.

This is seriously the easiest way to add all those fun colors to your collection without breaking the bank.  Lip liners are usually cheaper than lip sticks and glosses too!
What colors are you dying to try this season?

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