Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Last Minute Deals and Steals to Satisfy Every Beauty Lover on Your List!

If you're anything like me, you've barely begun on your shopping list.  Not that you haven't tried, right?!  During the holidays, gift shopping can be SO tough, especially in the malls where you're constantly bombarded by sparkles, cheer and things that would look A-MAH-AING on you!  Seriously, the last three times I stepped into a mall determined to find something special for someone on my list, I walked out with two bags of stuff for me, and zero for anyone else. It's not that I'm selfish!  It's the sequined clothing, the sparkly jewelry, and the limited edition beauty releases (not to mention the deals!) that A.D.D. me away from my original mission. Ugh.
Well, I've found the answer: online shopping!  No scents, shiny objects, or things to try on to distract me.  Plus, the inter webs are offering some CRAY sales right now!  So, friends, for those of you who suffer as I do, I've created a list of amazing holiday deals that will make sure everyone on your list is happy, and with all the deals and gifts-wtih-purchase, you'll end up pretty happy too :)