Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Eyeliner Woes

Question: do u know of any eyeliner/mascara that is waterproof but that wont stain your contact lenses? i've been having this problem because at the end of the day my vision gets blurry, because my eyeliner has found its way onto my contacts....

Answer: Is this for daily wear? And if so, is waterproof necessary? Often, waterproof formulations can be more irritating to the eyes and contacts than non-waterproof formulas. I'm sure living in a more humid environment makes you want to stick with waterproof, but there are many options that stay on just as well without the harsh additives.

My favorite eyeliner is MAC Fluidline in Blacktrack; it's a gel/cream liner that you apply with an angled brush and it stays on really well (even through a sweaty yoga class!).
If you have trouble with liquid liners, there are many out now that have a marker-type applicator which make application much easier, and they stay well (i've tried MAC's and Revlon's, both good). It can also help to put an eyelid primer on before applying your makeup, and topping your liner with a similar colored eyeshadow to set it.

As for mascara, my all-time favorite is Diorshow. It comes in both waterproof and regular formulations. It's a bit pricey ($28) but well worth it; your lashes will look amazing!

Try keeping your hands away from your eyes (no rubbing!) and avoid putting product in the waterline, as that will obviously make it easier for product to get on your contacts. Stay away from "kohl" or "kajal" liners; these are oil based and tend to travel/smudge/smear a little easier, making them more likely to end up in places you don't want them.

I hope this helps!