Monday, August 8, 2011

Keeping Skin Summer Fresh with MBeze!

Here in Denver, we have had one of the hottest, stickiest summers I can remember.  Keeping my skin hydrated and fresh-smelling without the heavy, waxy residue left over from most lotions has been tough... that is, until I found MBeze!
MBeze is a natural skin care and cosmetics company that has a great line-up of everything you could need to keep skin fresh and soft, like body and facial oils, fragrances, and deodorants.

Once Bitten Natural Body Oil
This natural body oil is incredibly lightweight and absorbs immediately - so no sticky residue!  It also smells amazing, with apple blossom, vanilla and a hint of lime, it smells really fresh and not overly sweet; perfect for summer!  On top of all that, it has Vitamins A, B, C, D, and E in a natural oil base to help soften and protect skin.  According to MBeze:

"Each hand-poured blend contains oils that are full of vitamins and known for their ability to break up scar tissue, reduce & prevent stretchmarks, regenerate skin cells, and moisturize to maintain a soft and healthy glow."

Wow!  That is one hard-working body oil!  I love applying this oil after showering; it leaves my skin soft and smooth all day with gorgeous scent that really lasts.  It also works great any time my skin needed a little pick-me-up or some additional glow.

Ife Natural Perfume
The Ife Natural Perfume smells sweet and is kind of... addictive.  This pthalate-free fragrance comes in a coconut and jojoba oil base, and it smells mainly like strawberry, with musk and sandalwood to make it a bit more grown up.  It layers really nicely and comes in a small roll-on, perfect for touching up throughout the day.  Berry scents don't normally smell good on me, but this perfume smelled really natural and made me feel like I'd been running through a field of strawberries!  Even as it wears down, it leaves the softest hint of strawberry on the skin.  So pretty!!

MBeze has several different fragrance options to choose from, and also offers a non-scented option in the body oil for those of us that prefer our own scent.  Check them out and tell me what you think!

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